The EFLUA Hall of Fame and Legend* status are recognition awards introduced to recognise the exceptional contribution of EFLUA members during and post their umpiring career. 
(*denotes Legend Status)

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Phil has always been a very committed and passionate person towards his umpiring. He is an EFLUA life member, past EFLUA president, served many years in role of secretary to the EFLUA and for ten years was Umpire Coach for our junior grade of umpires in the EFL. 

He is continuing in his support of umpiring now acting as an observer for senior filed umpires where his vast experience and knowledge is of tremendous assistance. 

This no more fitting reward or recognition for Phil Hermann than to be our first Legend Status award inductee. 



Noel Maxwell commenced his umpiring in the EDFL in 1980 and continued until 1994 before returning in 2014. In his 18 years with the EDFL/EFL he umpired 416 games culminating with the 1st Division Senior Grand Final with well known Boundary Umpires Coach Des Seaton.

Both Noel’s sons umpired 1st Division Senior Grand Finals on the boundary and continued at higher levels with great distinction.

Noel took on administrative roles like ducks to water. In our Association, he served as President and Secretary between 1986 and 1991. He was instrumental in securing and renovating our current rooms at Springfield Hall. He also had a strong hand in revamping the Constitution and as Secretary put out a most comprehensive Annual Report for its time, all with a modern piece of technology called the ribbon typewriter.

The current stats database was built upon Noel’s meticulous detailing of each umpires appointment onto a card bearing their name. Computers have obviously made life easier since then.

Noel was, and still is, a no fuss man who always gets things done. He was awarded Life Membership of this Association in 1990 recognising his effective service.

Noel also spent several years as Secretary to the Umpires Appointment Board, responsible for the coordinating and fulfilling of umpires appointments on a weekly basis. This was a daunting task to say the least and all before Schedula.

Such is the respect that Noel has within the umpiring group, an Association Field Umpire award is named in his honour, recognising his commitment and service to this Association.

An inaugural Hall of Fame member in 2014, it was with great pleasure that Noel Maxwell was announced as an EFLUA Legend in 2016.



Graeme is an EFLUA life member, past EFLUA President and he umpired in seven EFL first division grand finals. During his time he was one of the most respected umpires within the umpiring group as well as within the wider football community. 

Graeme was an outstanding person within the umpiring group and was always ready with advice and assistance to younger umpires and was only too willing to mentor up and coming umpires, as an extremely popular and professional person within the umpiring group.

Congratulations Graeme, on being elevated to the EFLUA Hall of Fame in 2014. 



After a successful playing and coaching career at Warrandyte, Bruce Onken turned his hand to umpiring with the same level of dedication and commitment. He has not only umpired with distinction for over 20 years but has been heavily involved in administration roles behind the scenes and at the front line.

He has served as President of this Association during difficult times, laying the foundation for the strong development of this association.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1998.

In the last 10 years, his main focus has been the coaching and mentoring of our developing Field Umpire group. Always willing to help and/or offer advice, this well respected gentleman thoroughly deserves his elevation into the EFLUA Hall of Fame in 2015.



Charles (Charlie) commenced umpiring in the EDFL in 1994 and after a 3 year break returned to pursue a long and active Goal Umpiring career in the EFL. In season 2000 he umpired the 1st Division Senior Grand Final and was awarded the Geoff Griffith Award.

After showing strong support at Association functions and other activities he took upon the challenging role of Secretary. After a number of years, it is this role that became his own.
He was Vice President in 2004 and 2005 before becoming President in 2006 and 2007. With later Committees requesting support and direction, Charlie returned to the Secretary role, passing on his expert experience.

The EFL has participated in socially responsible programs in the past. With Charlies’ drive and organisation this Association was represented at the Relay For Life (Cancer research fund raiser) at Nunawading for 9 years. This was widely recognised in community papers.

In the early hours of Saturday he regularly mentored Boundary and Goal umpires and upon retiring in 2013, became a Goal Umpires’ assistant coach.

He was awarded Life Membership of the Association in 2006 and received the Ken Myles (Best Clubman award) and EFL Service Awards in 2013.
Congratulations Charlie, on being elevated to the EFLUA Hall of Fame in 2016.


Vic commenced field umpiring in the EDFL in 1970 as part of a career which took him across the state for over 61 years, 32 years of which were spent here in the EDFL/EFL. He served on our committees for 9 years holding the positions of President and Treasurer.

A small number of our members will remember meetings held within the Croydon Leisure Centre provided by the EDFL. As part of a small committee, Vic formed an alliance with the Croydon Rangers Gridiron Club and negotiated with the Croydon City Council for the use of Springfield Hall, our current venue since 1992.

He spent a further 9 years as President and Treasurer of the Springfield Sporting Group, managing this facility. He took upon the role of historian for the Association, contacting past umpires and collating history and memorabilia documenting the 50 year history of the Association.

He received many awards, recognising his commitment and dedication to both the League and Association:

  • The Ken Myles Award (Best Clubman)

  • The Geoff Griffith Award (Goal Umpiring)

  • Recognition from the EFL in its 50 year service acknowledgements

  • Life Membership with the EFLUA in 1992

Since retiring as a Goal umpire, he spent several years as an observer and Assistant Goal Umpires’ Coach, assisting in the development of the group.

Congratulations Vic, on being elevated to the EFLUA Hall of Fame in 2017.